Learn how Dr. Edward Amoroso and the TAG Cyber team of experts in cyber security and information technology can review and optimize the effectiveness of your security program. TAG Cyber specializes in developing comprehensive assessments and action plans to minimize enterprise risk and maximize security results.

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Cyber security relies on trust. At TAG Cyber, we know this is a challenge, because it’s not always easy to show that a security method prevented a threat. In many cases, great security decisions will be effective, but invisible. Trust is therefore tough to achieve for cyber security.

To deal with this challenge, organizations submit to security testing and scanning by trusted experts with automated tools. And this is a great way to detect the presence of some security problems. But it is inadequate for proving the absence of all problems.

The only practical means for achieving the highest levels of trust in a security architecture or enterprise protection scheme involves a comprehensive holistic security assessment by an independent team of unbiased, experienced experts.

Each year, TAG Cyber can take on a limited number of security assessments for organizations with challenges that would benefit from such expert attention. Our experience base spans all industrial and government sectors. Our expertise spans architectural, technical, compliance, and management aspects of cyber.

We offer the following TAG Cyber Security Assessment services for Enterprise and Government organizations of all sizes and scopes (with special rates for non-profits):

  • Enterprise Assessment: Our experts will review and assess your Enterprise Security Program and will provide an in-person summary to your Board and Executives.
  • NIST Mapping: Our experts will manually map your Commercial Product or Enterprise Program to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (or similar).
  • Project Review: Our experts will engage with your Security Project team to review plans and provide detailed management and operational recommendations.
  • Third-Party Risk: Our experts will work with your Third-Parties directly or indirectly to optimize their security protection of your information and assets.

If you are interested in engaging our professional services, please drop us a note via the contact form on this site. We will quickly respond and engage in a brief discussion to determine whether we are the best group to add value. In cases where we cannot, we will help you find the right partner.

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