Call today for information about how TAG Cyber’s Managed Security Service (MSS) – offered in conjunction with the IT and managed service experts at navitend – can help optimize your monitoring and response activities, while also keeping an eye on budget. MSS services from TAG Cyber are designed and operated by executives with decades of experience, and who helped invent MSS in the 1990’s.

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Managed security must be built on operational excellence. At TAG Cyber, we know this is not easy, because our team includes executives with over one-hundred combined years running services at AT&T. So, we truly understand the challenges of maintaining excellence in operations.

Many organizations attempt to deal with their SIEM monitoring and response services by making this a part-time component of a busy team member’s responsibilities. But this approach generally results in overworked team members with insufficient attention to alarm traffic.

Managed Security was invented to ease this burden on existing staff. It works by amortizing data collection and security analysis into a centralized pool of talent and resources. Such sharing reduces security costs for the organization as well.

Each year, TAG Cyber can take on a limited number of managed security service engagements for organizations with challenges that would benefit from such expert attention. Our experience base spans all industrial and government sectors. Our expertise spans architectural, technical, compliance, and management aspects of cyber.

We offer the following TAG Cyber Managed Security Services, in conjunction with the expert IT and managed service experts at navitend, for Enterprise and Government organizations of all sizes and scopes (with special rates for non-profits):

  • AlienVault SIEM Installation and Monitoring: TAG Cyber and navitend experts will help install the AlienVault SIEM to your cloud or premise and will initiate alarm monitoring and reporting.
  • AlienVault SIEM Response: TAG Cyber and navitend experts will coordinate response actions if the AlienVault SIEM produces evidence of on-going or past cyber intrusions.
  • Commercial SIEM Monitoring: We can work on a selective basis with customers using alternate SIEM or log collection tools. Let us know your requirements and we will share our advice.
  • MSS-Related Consultation: TAG Cyber and navitend experts are available to consult on MSS-related issues including architecture, threat assessment, and risk reduction.

If you are interested in engaging our managed security services, please drop us a note via the contact form on this site. We will quickly respond and engage in a brief discussion to determine whether we are the best group to add value. In cases where we cannot, we will help you find the right partner.

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