Learn how the TAG CyberEXP on-line assessment tool can support a private measurement of your personality tendencies for a career in cyber security. We know what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive CISO marketplace, and we understand the dynamics of the modern enterprise. Let us help you determine where your personal tendency strengths (and areas for improvement) reside.

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Career success in cyber security requires a collage of skills – some of which will be easy to develop, but others being more challenging. The CyberEXP on-line personality assessment tool measures answers to common cyber security scenarios and creates numeric measurements based on our rubric.

The three dimensions measured by the TAG CyberEXP tools include technology, management, and compliance. Each of these constitutes a personality tendency types that will range from strong to weak. Determining privately where one’s personality resides assists with cyber security career planning.   

The power of the CyberEXP tool is that it allows for private assessment – not to be shared with managers or team members, unless this is desired by the individual. The goal is to help drive a program of career growth, learning, mentorship, and decision-making toward personal objectives.

TAG Cyber can support an unlimited number of enterprise security professionals who desire to measure their personality tendencies for cyber security. The platform is available on request to customers who seek to improve the career insights of their team members. Career learning and coaching sessions complement interpretation of assessment results.

We offer the following TAG CyberEXP services for Enterprise and Government Executives in organizations of all sizes and scopes (with special rates for non-profits):

  • TAG CyberEXP Tool Access: Just contact us below and we will be in touch to provide a personalized, private access code to the CyberEXP platform for your team.
  • Career Learning Session: Our experts will provide personalized career discussion and learning sessions as part of the assessment engagement, tailored to your team needs.
  • Support for Consultants and Coaches: We can provide tailored support for consultants and CISO coaches who would like to introduce CyberEXP into their business practice. Contact us today!
  • Tailored Team Career Support: Our team will work with your HR and security management staff to support your security team objectives using CyberEXP.

If you’d like to engage with our CyberEXP tool and associated services, please drop us a note via the contact form on this site. We will quickly respond and engage in a brief discussion to determine whether we are the best group to add value. In cases where we cannot, we will help you find the right partner.

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