TAG Cyber Portal


The TAG Cyber Research Portal offers world-class market reports, commercial vendor data, and detailed advisory material from analysts with practical experience. Ask how our research can help optimize your security portfolio.

Enterprise security teams understand that unbiased research and market reports from analyst firms can truly help optimize their cyber portfolio. The problem is that so much research from the larger analyst firms is both biased and a mundane rehashing of the same themes from the same writers, year-after-year. The result is a lot of wasted money on useless reports.

Since 2016, the TAG Cyber analyst team, led by industry veteran Dr. Edward Amoroso, develops original content in 54 areas of cyber security control. The TAG Cyber framework serves as a comprehensive checklist for security practitioners and includes mappings to virtually every commercial security vendor on the planet. (Not just ones that pay to be in a quadrant.)

Contact us now to gain access to our research portal. In addition to our 54 market reports, you will receive regular updates on new vendors, guidance on emerging trends, and information on how your security portfolio can be optimized to meet the needs of your organization. And we are available to Federal Government Agencies through our own GSA Schedule contract.