TAG Cyber Portal

Cyber Corps

Our Cyber Corps program offers cyber security experience for current undergraduates – while also offering a personalized security portal for your business. Ask us about how Cyber Corps can also help reduce your third-party risk!

The TAG Cyber team understands the need to train the next generation of cyber security talent. Through partnership with academia, we’ve built a program called Cyber Corps. Undergraduates are paid an hourly wage to research vulnerabilities and to populate personalized portals for customers. Students receive no access to customer systems. It’s all done from the Internet.

The resulting personalized security portal offers small businesses and other organizations with vulnerability management of their cloud services, insight into any domain-related weaknesses, awareness of whether their website has experienced service interruptions, light scans of web applications – and much more. The cost of the service for business is just $19.99/month.

Larger businesses benefit from Cyber Corps through a contract addendum provided by TAG Cyber that organizations can use with their smaller third-party suppliers. When a company signs up for Cyber Corps, TAG Cyber offers the sponsoring organization a small revenue share. This allows for third-party risk reduction without any fee to the sponsoring company.