Team / About Liam Baglivo, Chief of Staff

Liam holds the BS degree in Biology with a minor in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. During his time at UNC, Liam was recognized for his exemplary research in various biological topics. Liam also presented twice at the UNC undergraduate research symposium, once for his research on subspecies in Hellbenders, and then on the accuracy of films based on true stories. Liam became a member of the mtwoteaching team in 2015, where he gained expertise in various fields of technology as an instructor. Liam is an avid and dominant gamer who enjoys his hobby of streaming his gameplay to Twitch. Additionally, he is a huge soccer fan and has spent time writing articles for his school’s newspaper. Liam is also a proud activist who stands up for causes he believes in and has taken part in various protests.