Scott Krady - Owner of Magnitude, Inc. (Full Interview)

Scott Krady, Owner of Magnitude, Inc., chats with Ed Amoroso about the basics of marketing and standing out in the cyber security field. Jump Around 0:28 Introduction 1:04 Basics of marketing 3:34 Building a customer profile 5:39 Standing out in cyber security 7:10 Social media, public relations, and advertising 10:11 Marketing as an industry 11:27 Do hacks tarnish a brand? 16:14 Contact Magnitude Inc. Visit the Magnitude Inc. WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE for more Cyber Security content: Connect with TAG Cyber Online: Visit the TAG Cyber WEBSITE: Follow Ed Amoroso on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on INSTAGRAM Like TAG Cyber on FACEBOOK: Recent posts by Ed Amoroso on LINKEDIN: