Pedram Amini - CTO of InQuest (Full Interview)

Pedram Amini, CTO of InQuest, sits with Ed Amoroso to discuss the InQuest product, the problems it solves, and their customer base. Jump Around 0:24 Introduction 4:41 About InQuest 7:02 Problems that InQuest solves 9:33 How the product works 12:23 What customers would use InQuest for 15:49 Sectors using InQuest product 17:15 Future of cyber security Visit the InQuest WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE for more Cyber Security content: Connect with TAG Cyber Online: Visit the TAG Cyber WEBSITE: Follow Ed Amoroso on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on INSTAGRAM Like TAG Cyber on FACEBOOK: Recent posts by Ed Amoroso on LINKEDIN: