Paulo Shakarian - CEO of CYR3CON (Full Interview)

Paulo Shakarian, Co-Founder and CEO of CYR3CON, chats with Ed Amoroso about the CYR3CON platform, adaptive threats, and the role of AI. Jump Around 0:19 CYR3CON platform 1:53 The Role of AI 6:00 Adaptive threat 10:25 Information vs. data 12:04 Risk vs. threat based approach 16:30 Running a startup 17:50 POC objectives Visit the CYR3CON WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE for more Cyber Security content: Connect with TAG Cyber Online: Visit the TAG Cyber WEBSITE: Follow Ed Amoroso on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on INSTAGRAM Like TAG Cyber on FACEBOOK: Recent posts by Ed Amoroso on LINKEDIN: