Mike McKee - CEO of ObserveIT (Full 2019 Interview)

Ed Amoroso sits down with CEO of ObserveIT Mike McKee to chat about the company's focus on insider threats, engaging at the top level of organizations and the various approaches to addressing security breaches within companies.

Jump Around:

0:35 About ObserveIT

0:56 Insider Threats

2:19 Understanding the Partnership Business

4:26 Engaging at the Top Level of Organizations

6:23 The Rule of One-Percent in Cyber Security

7:14 Confusion leading to Insider Activity

8:30 Threat Intel and Inside Intelligence

12:48 Insider as a Function of Time

14:47 Prevention Approach vs. Detect and Respond

18:37 Growth of ObserveIT

19:36 Optimism about Future of Cyber Security

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