Brian Kernighan (Full interview)

Brian Kernighan is currently a professor of computer science at Princeton University. He has authored and co-authored many books including The C Programming Language, UNIX: A History and a Memoir, and Practice of Programming. In this interview we travel from his time at Bell Labs to his current job as a professor and make some future predictions. Enjoy! Books: The C Programming Language: The Go Programming language: UNIX: A History and a Memoir: The Practice of Programming: Understanding the Digital World: What You Need to Know about Computers, the Internet, Privacy, and Security: Millions, Billions, Zillions: Defending Yourself in a World of Too Many Numbers: 0:00 Introduction 1:08 Accomplishments in computer science 4:01 Writing about programming 6:49 Design philosophy 12:02 Strategies when teaching programming 18:12 Programming vs. computer science knowledge 24:25 Research 33:24 Should computer science be considered a science 36:11 Artificial Intelligence 44:32 AI applications 51:23 Interpreting data 55:29 COVID-19 data 1:00:53 Future predictions SUBSCRIBE for more Cyber Security content: Connect with TAG Cyber Online: Visit the TAG Cyber WEBSITE: Follow Ed Amoroso on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on INSTAGRAM Like TAG Cyber on FACEBOOK: Recent posts by Ed Amoroso on LINKEDIN: