Andrea Bonime-Blanc - CEO of GEC RIsk Advisory (Full Interview)

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Founder and CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, chats with Ed Amoroso about Governance, Ethics, and Risk, along with her new book Gloom to Boom releasing later this year. Jump Around 0:35 Introduction 4:57 Governance in large organizations 7:36 Role of ethics 10:46 Role of risk 13:30 Board members understanding tech 18:15 Governance trends 22:52 Judgement in young board members 25:28 Gloom to Boom by Andrea Bonime-Blanc Visit the GEC Risk Advisory WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBE for more Cyber Security content: Connect with TAG Cyber Online: Visit the TAG Cyber WEBSITE: Follow Ed Amoroso on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on TWITTER: Follow TAG Cyber on INSTAGRAM Like TAG Cyber on FACEBOOK: Recent posts by Ed Amoroso on LINKEDIN: