The CyberEXP is designed to help partipants privately self-assess their own personal tendencies in cyber security technology, management, and compliance. The goal is to help professionals develop personal insights about these tendencies in support of their on-going career management in the field of cyber security.

CyberEXP - Primary Rubric for Determining Tendency

Technology Tendency

  • You fearlessly dive into a complex challenge, fully confident that you will find a way to figure things out on your own.
  • You are not satisfied knowing just what something does, but rather, you demand to understand at a meaningful level how it works and why.
  • You are ready and willing to work with others, but deep down, you suspect that you would probably accomplish most tasks much better on your own.

Management Tendency

  • You feel the need to coordinate groups of people toward honest, responsible, high-integrity approaches based on sound judgment.
  • You are perfectly satisfied understanding how something works and how it can help others, leaving the underlying details to the experts.
  • You are ready and willing to do tasks on your own, but deep down, you know that others are probably better suited to produce better results.

Compliance Tendency

  • You feel compelled to organize chaos and complexity into meaningful structure so that it can be improved and understood.
  • You are not satisfied with what something does, or even how it works, but rather, you seek to understand the nature of the process by which it was created.
  • You have a deep sense of justice, and believe that shortcuts leading to poor quality must be prevented, perhaps even harshly.

As a CyberEXP participant, here is what you can expect:

You will be asked to answer a series of questions that place you in a situation where a decision must be made. Your honest answers to these questions are analyzed and scored into a three-dimensional vector. Since this tool is designed for private, personal use, no external person, including your manager, will ever see any raw or aggregate scores.

Results from this self-assessment are based on the ASA Model developed jointly by experts in the fields of cyber security, human resources, executive search, and information technology. The model is based on the presumption that technology, management, and compliance skills are the chief pillars for a successful career in cyber.

Once you complete the self-assessment, your results will be emailed to you in a PDF document that will include your three-dimensional vector. The document also includes a proposed set of learning plan activities that can be tailored based on your career preferences and personal situation.

The CyberEXP assessment is available via an unlimited-use Annual Enterprise License.

The steps are simple:
  • Register your team.
  • Receive your onboarding email which includes an organization-specific link to the assessment.
  • Distribute the link along with an encouraging note to members of your team.

Download the CyberEXP Management Charts
to help you communicate within your organization.

Download the ASA Model Paper
for better understanding of the role of Tendencies in Cyber Security.

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