Cyber Corps

TAG Cyber Corps is a low-cost cyber security service for small and micro-businesses. TAG Cyber Corps is staffed with college student trainees learning security through monthly tasks and video training. A referral network of IT and security consultants is included to help customers remedy identified risks.

TAG Cyber Corps Customers

TAG Cyber Corps is designed to provide a "monthly check-up" for small and micro-businesses with little or no IT support for security protection. This includes individual proprietors, partnerships, micro-businesses, and small businesses with modest IT budgets. TAG Cyber Corps has also been hugely popular with cyber security technology vendors. They've been great supporters of the program as customers!

TAG Cyber Corps Services

TAG Cyber Corps customers are provided with (1) vulnerability assessment of their public cloud services; (2) website domain analysis for availability and fraud; (3) cyber security awareness messaging; and (4) optional website vulnerability scans. A security compliance summary is shared each month, and a referral network is made available.

TAG Cyber Corps Student Trainees

Active undergraduates accepted into the TAG Cyber Corps program will be paid $15 per hour for a maximum of three hours per week – one hour of which is spent reviewing training videos. Students are assigned a coordinator who will help them perform designated tasks, including cloud security research and interpretation of website vulnerability scan output. 

TAG Cyber Corps Customer Registration

Customers registering for TAG Cyber Corps will never need to provision equipment or software; issue credentials for any system, application, or network; or share information other than their website domain, point of contact, and names of public cloud services for which the security vulnerability assessment is desired. Registration is automated and can be done here.

TAG Cyber Corps Student Trainee Registration

Registering for TAG Cyber Corps is limited to undergraduates and is done through a designated point of contact at their school. Interested undergraduates should reach out to for guidance on how to engage their local community in the program. No computer science background is necessary; just a willingness and interest in learning cyber security.

TAG Cyber Corps Business Model

Annual fees from customers support TAG Cyber Corps student salaries, as well as the underlying infrastructure required for the program. TAG Cyber Corps is operated by TAG Cyber LLC, which is a for-profit corporation located in New York City. TAG Cyber Corps is not affiliated with the US Federal Government, and does not result in any formal educational certifications or degrees. Upon completion of one year, students do receive a certificate of active participation.

TAG Cyber Corps Data Security

At no time will TAG Cyber Corps students have access to customer sensitive data. All security work is done from the vantage point of the publicly-situated external actor with no special credentials or access. At no time will any TAG Cyber Corps student probe into applications, systems, or networks – other than as part of the optional, and carefully managed, website scan. TAG Cyber Corps students are managed closely to ensure full adherence to these policies, and immediate removal from the program would occur for violators.

TAG Cyber Corps Customer Remediation

If a security issue is identified as part of the TAG Cyber Corps services, the customer will be connected to a special referral network of IT and security consultants who can provide additional hands-on support. Referral partners are selected based on merit and interest, and the list is carefully curated by TAG Cyber.

More Information on TAG Cyber Corps

We are happy to answer any questions you leave in our inquiry box here. If you are a student and there is no local TAG Cyber Corps point of contact at your school, then also drop us a note in our contact box and we’ll get back to you quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.