Content as a Service (CaaS)

TAG Content as a Service (CaaS) provides commercial vendors with high-quality, analyst-generated content. This include reports, videos, interviews, and ROI analysis on platforms.

Cybersecurity Content Services

Technical Reports

Work closely with a professional industry analyst to develop a tailored report that can help enterprise buyers learn your technology, methodology, and platform approach.

Focused Interviews

Participate in focused interview sessions which we capture in articles and video. These analyst-led discussions allow you to share your value proposition with buyers.

Webinar Support

Leverage the practical experience of our analysts for your next on-line webinar. We can participate as subject matter experts or as moderators for the session.

ROI Estimates

We specialize in developing tailored equations that illustrate the Return on Investment (ROI) for your solution. We capture this ROI in a technical report.

What Problem Does CaaS Solve?

A challenge every vendor faces with content involves their inherent bias. This can be avoided in content creation by working with a professional TAG analyst. We provide honest insights and personalized expert views that are created outside the confines of a content marketing team. We will coordinate with you on the details, but our writing remains independent and always unbiased.

Create Unbiased Resources

With our seasoned analyst team

Film Luminary Interviews

Produced by our media team in New York

Reach an Interested Audience

With content written by their peers

Who Benefits from CaaS?

Commercial vendors utilize Content as a Service (CaaS) from TAG to reach their customer base. This is done through original technical reports, articles, blogs, videos, webinars, and other tailored deliverables. Everything is created on a tailored basis for customers and developed in a way that allows for collaboration on the messaging and formats for how the content is delivered.

Explain Your Value Proposition

With content tailored to your customer

Illustrate Your Platform

Using our technical expertise

Highlight Your Stance

By taking advantage of the TAG Taxonomy

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July 26th, 2023: Quarter 3 Report Released!