Vendor Sponsorship

Through our Distinguished Vendor Program, our industry analysts help global security vendors succeed in the cyber marketplace. We are just as comfortable with two-person start-ups as with companies planning IPO.

Commercial cyber security vendors must deal with a variety of business challenges. Bridging the communications gap to CISO teams is one challenge. Getting noticed by investors, industry analysts, enterprise buyers, and news media is another. At TAG Cyber, we can help.

By our expert count at TAG Cyber, nearly two thousand commercial cyber security vendors compete every day for the time, attention, and budget of enterprise, government, and citizen buyers around the world. Our Vendor Sponsorship Program is designed specifically to support the technical marketing, strategic decision-making, and go-to-market planning for cyber security companies of all sizes. Since 2016, over 200 vendors ranging from large companies such as Microsoft to tiny start-ups still in stealth mode, have benefitted from the program.

The process is simple. It starts with a solution brief to our analyst team. This is 100% free and we are pleased to offer guidance and advice during the session. If we see something exciting, or different, or unique – then we might develop original content as a public blog. This is also free – and represents our democratized support. It’s why participants call us the unGartner. Only after we’ve spent time with your team – and we agree on a set of common beliefs do we consider your inclusion in our program. We hope you take the first step by requesting a brief.

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