Consulting / TAG Cyber Service: Training in Information Security Technology

on 17 Apr 2017

Here is the first sentence of a paper I published (gulp) twenty-four years ago at the 1993 ACM SIGCSE Conference in Indianapolis:

This paper outlines a graduate course in computing security that has evolved during the past three years in the Computer Science Department at the Stevens Institute and the Software Engineering Department at Monmouth College.

Just now, I sat down and did the math, and found that between my appointments at Stevens, Monmouth, and now NYU, I have introduced roughly 6,000 students, via 75 semesters and 2,625 hours of lecture, to the basics of information security. (I didn’t have the stomach to calculate the number of exam questions I’ve graded.)

I’ve learned a couple of things through all these hours teaching. For example, I’ve learned that if students are not getting the material, then it is usually the instructor’s fault. I’ve also learned that if you have twenty weeks of material for only fourteen weeks, then you should cut out the boring stuff. And more than any other lesson, I’ve learned that if you, the instructor, do not fully understand some concept, then you cannot teach it. Period.

At TAG Cyber, we can accommodate a limited number of requests for special, on-site cyber security training and instruction for your team. We can tailor the course to your needs, but our specialty is introducing technical folks to the beauty of cyber security technology. All courses are taught by me, with technical, multi-media, and administrative assistance from my great team. We can do both virtual and on-site. Below is a list of some typical courses we offer:

Introduction to Cyber Security Technology 101.

How to Market and Sell Cyber Security Products and Services.

Comprehensive Overview of the Cyber Security Vendor Marketplace.

Fifty Cyber Controls for the Enterprise Security Team.

Basics of Conventional and Public Key Cryptography including Blockchain.

If you think that general or specialized training would be useful for your team, then drop us a note via the web contact form on this site. We will respond quickly and schedule time to discuss your training needs. If we think we can help, we will work with you to tailor and schedule a course. If we are not the right educators, then we will help you find the right ones.

We look forward to hearing from you.