Ed Amoroso summarizes a recent technical conversation with the principals of ValiMail about advanced email authentication solutions including support for DMARC security. ...read more

on 07 Feb 2018

Here is the first sentence of a paper I published (gulp) twenty-four years ago at the 1993 ACM SIGCSE Conference in Indianapolis: This paper outlines a graduate course in computing security that has evolved during the past three years in the Computer Science Department at the Stevens Institute and ...read more

on 17 Apr 2017

Cyber security, you may have noticed, relies on assurance to prove worth. That is, where the web designer can demonstrate the new corporate site, and where the IT manager can light up Internet connectivity on everyone’s PC, the security engineer has trouble showing value. There’s no good demo. Perhaps worse, no ...read more

on 13 Apr 2017

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a delightful afternoon with the great Lou Holtz. I was the warm-up speaker for him at one of the annual General Services Administration (GSA) Conferences. As I always do, I got up and yakked about hacking and cyber ...read more

on 13 Apr 2017