Charlie CISO

Follow the (mis)adventures of Charlie CISO in our popular cartoon illustrated by MAD Magazine legend Rich Powell.

107: Charlie Ciso: COVID-19 Edition, 03/18/2020

106: Where Are The Legos?, 03/12/2020

105: Ask (Biased) Gartner And Then Do The Opposite, 03/04/2020

104: Fun With Robots And Captcha, 02/26/2020

103: Hacking RSAC, 02/13/2020

102: AI For Cyber (On The Corporate Jet), 02/06/2020

101: Compliance Explosion, 02/01/2020

100: Charlie Ciso #1100100, 02/20/2020

99: How To Remove Mobile Device Bloatware, 01/31/2020

98: Congress Doesn't Get Cyber, 01/13/2020

Enhance your cybersecurity program

Dr. Edward Amoroso has teamed with Rich Powell, famed Mad Magazine illustrator to create the Charlie Ciso cartoon strip – enjoyed each week by cyber security professionals around the world.

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