Articles / Monthly Archive for May 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes a recent technical (and regional) discussion with the principals of Genians, a South Korean cyber security company offering modern enterprise NAC solutions. more

on 31 May 2018

Ed Amoroso describes the automated synthetic data generation approach at ExactData - and its applicability to cyber security - based on a recent discussion with its CEO John Dawson. more

on 25 May 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes a recent interview on advances in identity and access management with @pingidentity CEO, Andre Durand. more

on 23 May 2018

Ed Amoroso shares another WSJ OpEd rejection. Sigh. This one was written yesterday and explains why Mr. Bolton should improve, not abolish the Cybersecurity Coordinator position. more

on 11 May 2018

Ed Amoroso provides a technical overview of the trusted transaction and multi-factor identity validation solution offering from Acuant. more

on 11 May 2018

Ed Amoroso outlines a novel approach to encrypted sound-encoding and decoding (wth IOTA Tangle) from Sonic Messenger. more

on 06 May 2018