Articles / Monthly Archive for February 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes key takeaways from a recent conversation with Alberto Yepez of Trident Capital Cybersecurity. more

on 28 Feb 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes his advice on briefing (not training) boards based on a recent Cybersecurity Coalition webinar presentation. more

on 27 Feb 2018

Ed Amoroso offers a practical management plan for US states to protect the 2018 election from expected Russian cyber meddling. more

on 20 Feb 2018

Ed Amoroso discusses a new platform from WhiteHaX that supports security posture assessment for micro-businesses buying cyber insurance. more

on 19 Feb 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes a recent technical conversation on advances in cloud access security for the modern enterprise with Rajiv Gupta of Skyhigh Networks (now part of McAfee). more

on 13 Feb 2018

Ed Amoroso introduces Charlie Ciso as a  new tailored cartoon enhancement for your own enterprise security awareness program. more

on 11 Feb 2018