Articles / Monthly Archive for March 2017

Today, every cyber security vendor is in the cloud, but this wasn’t always the case. Until recently, the protection of virtually all enterprise assets was performed from within, presumably under the mature cover of a corporate firewall. This was a friendly and familiar architectural arrangement, especially for staid auditors, who more

on 29 Mar 2017

If you are in cyber security sales or marketing, then you said the phrase machine learning fifty times this week. You probably also understand machine learning about as well as you do the inertial guidance in Elon Musk’s rockets. The code below is designed to rectify your knowledge gap in five minutes. more

on 28 Mar 2017

Here is the headline I saw in the Wall Street Journal on March 16, 2017: “The Trump Administration has proposed slashing the budget of the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development by 31%.” Since then, I have seen absolutely zero commentary on one of the most consequential issues in our national more

on 21 Mar 2017

Most people think of a security operations center (SOC) as a cavernous room with rows of analysts intensely gazing up at enormous backlit wallboard screens. This image includes experienced SOC staff members barking real-time intelligence to each other over headsets, presumably to drive proper organizational decisions about cyber security prevention and response to critical more

on 20 Mar 2017

“The rules we have set down here are not mere theories or guess work. They work like magic. Incredible as it sounds, I have seen the application of these principles literally revolutionize the lives of many people.” more

on 12 Mar 2017

Cloud security and resiliency were on everyone’s mind this past week with the severe outages experienced within Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. As our cyber security industry matures, its participants – all of us – will be forced to demand greater visibility into the underlying services, including the servers that power our workloads. more

on 07 Mar 2017