Articles / Monthly Archive for February 2017

For the longest time, application security implied scanning. That is, the field was comprised of code and application tools for static analysis security testing (SAST) and dynamic analysis security testing (DAST). Certainly, the benefits of scanning an application for evidence of vulnerabilities are obvious, and many CISO teams more

on 27 Feb 2017

Providing the best cyber security solutions to enterprise requires the ability to combine IT and networking skills with in-depth knowledge of cyber security products and services. The solution provider must also understand the client’s business domain, as well as its internal and external processes for purchasing, billing, maintenance, upgrade, more

on 23 Feb 2017

This week, I’ve been reading Thomas Friedman’s newest work, Thank You for Being Late. His book chronicles the dizzying pace of accelerating change in technology and communication. Friedman makes the convincing point that because things are advancing so quickly, humans are having trouble keeping up. It was this issue of acceleration more

on 21 Feb 2017

In the presence of cloud transformation and distributed virtualization across all enterprise networks, it is easy to forget that massive capacity growth continues across large segments of the global network infrastructure. And while many enterprise networks continue to scatter their perimeter chokepoints, the sheer volume of data traversing more

on 20 Feb 2017

Back in May of 2016, intrusion detection vendor Cyber adAPT announced that it had completed $15M in aggregate Series A funding with Black River Investments. I’d been hearing Cyber adAPT CEO Kirsten Bay speaking around the cyber security community, and her comments and insights were impressive. So, my guess was that she would move more

on 15 Feb 2017

Once in a great while, you encounter a cyber security solution that manages to embed practical learnings from past solution deployments with exciting new advanced techniques for the detection and prevention of cyber attacks. This something-old, something-new scenario is awesome when it’s done right, because it correctly matches the more

on 13 Feb 2017