Articles / Monthly Archive for January 2017

Computer security products in the 1980’s were essentially synonymous with antivirus signatures. The concept, as we all remember, was that simple pattern matching would be used to detect computer viruses based on file names, executables, and other tell-tale signs. The approach worked for some time, but then malicious actors more

on 31 Jan 2017

Many high-tech cyber security solutions using machine learning, behavioral analytics, and artificial intelligence are now being offered by vendors in the hopes that enterprise risk can be reduced. These are impressive options and any CISO team would be wise to spend time considering their use in detecting subtle more

on 30 Jan 2017

In preparing my recently issued 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual, one of the more fascinating tasks involved researching the headquarters locations of 1337 cyber security vendors around the world. What I discovered was that the physical addresses listed for cyber security vendors provides for some humorous comparison. Whether such comparison is more

on 27 Jan 2017

Endpoint security in the form of PC anti-virus programs was the original computer security solution. And for many years, it dominated the enterprise security landscape with blacklist-based signatures warding off viruses on Microsoft operating systems. Fast-forward to today, and the endpoint has become a mobile device or tablet more

on 26 Jan 2017

If you ask any enterprise cyber security professional which tools are the most essentialto an organizational protection profile, you should expect to hear reference to familiar solutions such as two-factor authentication, server logs, firewall rules, intrusion detection systems, encryption and the like. And these are certainly important factors in the more

on 24 Jan 2017

On July 8, 1940, writing in the pages of Life Magazine, Major George Fielding Eliot provided Americans with a grave assessment of our weak national defense at the time. It’s a terrifying article to read, even now, with statements such as this: “Working at top speed under a full war more

on 20 Jan 2017