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Take a look at a speech I gave several years ago: ( Pretending on-stage with the audience that we’d all time-traveled ahead to 2035, I reflected back on mobile botnets, virtual cloud protection, two Cyber World Wars, and President Derek Jeter. (Don’t laugh. I really think he can win.) more

on 29 Dec 2016

Just about every cyber security vendor refers to its solution as a platform. This is not surprising when one considers the obvious scaling, support, and extensibility advantages of platforms over point solutions. But the term is overused, and most point solutions available today are not really platforms. For example, few more

on 29 Dec 2016

Computer servers have now evolved from the single CPU-per-OS implementation that existed for so many years to a new model based on multiple virtual machines running over a single physical host. As one would expect, this model, which includes a unique piece of orchestration software called a hypervisor, more

on 28 Dec 2016

More than perhaps any other type of cyber security attack, electronic fraud feels so personal. That is, as business people, we entrust certain individuals or groups with the responsibility for performing important or sensitive work, and when that trust is violated, it feels just terrible. Making matters worse, these individuals and more

on 22 Dec 2016

The advantages of passwords are well known by now: Simplicity, portability, low cost. But the reality is that modern cloud and enterprise applications are so highly vulnerable to malicious attack that two-factor authentication, a second layer of security, has become a de facto requirement. (If you don’t believe me, then perhaps you might ask more

on 21 Dec 2016

The image of perimeter walls crumbling down around enterprise networks leads to the obvious conclusion that CISO teams had better start focusing on their data. The challenge is that visibility into structured and unstructured data in an enterprise requires a fundamentally different paradigm than the existing focus on more

on 19 Dec 2016