The earliest log management tools were designed to reduce the burden of sifting through reams of audit trails in support of compliance and other business objectives. Such work was typically done with mainframes, and it was a big deal if anything of real security consequence was actually detected. more

on 21 Nov 2016

Every cyber security expert agrees that the most insidious attacks today start with some sort of email-based probe. Links to infected sites, social engineering to extract money, or payloads carrying malware slip through gauntlets to the target user’s PC. When the user clicks innocently, this leads to a series of more

on 18 Nov 2016

Take a moment and visualize an octopus with its long slimy limbs protruding out from its large round ugly head. In your mind, gently place the octopus head down onto C Street in Foggy Bottom. And then carefully stretch the various limbs across the entire world to each more

on 06 Nov 2016

I believe that I have spent as much time and expended as much effort trying to protect sensitive data, including email, as any human being on the planet. I have obsessed on the topic for three decades, and believe that I thoroughly understand state-of-the-art cyber security for email. To this more

on 06 Nov 2016