Ed Amoroso summarizes an interview with Udi Mokady, CEO of @CyberArk, on the state-of-the-practice and state-of-the-art in locking down privileged accounts in the enterprise.  ...read more

on 16 Apr 2018

Ed Amoroso comments on the advantages of hardware for many applications including secure remote browsing via cloud. ...read more

on 10 Apr 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes a delightful presentation on cyber metrics given this week at the 2018 New York CISO Executive Leadership Summit by Aleksandr Yampolskiy of Security Scorecard. @security_score ...read more

on 07 Apr 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes a recent technical discussion with @pulsesecure about modern secure access solutions for mobile, cloud, and enterprise. ...read more

on 06 Apr 2018

Ed Amoroso outlines a recent discussion with Corsa regarding high-performance network security solutions for emerging SDN infrastructure. ...read more

on 03 Apr 2018

Ed Amoroso summarizes recent technical discussions with the @Microsoft team on their #cybersecurity solution platform for enterprise. ...read more

on 29 Mar 2018