Expert cyber security analysis and guidance for enterprise cyber security teams. Steady stream of original content, centered on our flagship TAG Cyber Security Annual, a three-volume publication that includes the type of high-quality, military grade analysis that larger firms pay millions for. We make it available to you for free.


TAG Cyber Corps Quarantine Security Advisory

Staying safe virtually is as important as remaining safe physically during this time of quarantine and working remotely. TAG Cyber Corps team of University Intern Researchers has created a vulnerability assessment report for the most commonly used applications used for remote access and communication during this shelter in place environment. This free report is our effort to help keep everyone safe while trying to stay connected.


2020 TAG Cyber Security Annual

Our flagship publication, the type of high-quality, military-grade analysis that larger firms pay millions for. We make it available to you for free.

White Papers

In-Depth Reports on Cyber Security

Our latest white papers include technical reports on end-to-end secure mobile voice and framework for autonomous machines.



Each year, TAG Cyber sponsors a select cyber security conference in New York City to reflect on threats, celebrate technology, share research and ideas, and gather experts together in a unique environment for sharing. Past keynotes include Brian Kernighan (inventor of the C Programming language), Jack Barsky (former Russian spy), and Richard Clarke (former White House Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-Terrorism).