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Covering issues such as zero trust, multi-cloud, 5G, DevSecOps, and compliance, our analysts will sharpen your knowledge of threats and safeguards.


2021 TAG Cyber Security Quarterly

Insights, Perspectives, and Commentary on Cyber Risks, Security Safeguards, and Technology Innovations

Market Reports

TAG Cyber Security Market Reports

Enterprise security teams are asked every day to strategize on which investments to make regarding commercial cyber solutions. But the resources required to optimize this selection have not been available to date. Large analyst firms follow pay-for-play schemes, and Google search queries prioritize vendors based on their search-engine optimization (SEO) settings.

White Papers

Original white papers from the TAG Cyber analysts provide in-depth information and insights into how modern enterprise CISO teams can make good decisions about the best security tools, most effective security platforms, strongest enterprise security architectures, and top commercial cyber security vendors.


Interviews with industry experts and cyber security news

Enjoy original video content from TAG Cyber, filmed from our studios in New York City.

The Cyber Security Controls

We developed the fifty-four controls based on experience in the trenches. It includes expected areas such as firewall platforms and multi-factor authentication while also including rarely mentioned CISO strategies such as working with value-added solution providers and managed security service providers (MSSPs) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) vendors.

Law Journal

Cyber security news for legal profession

TAG Cyber Law Journal is an online legal publication that focuses on this complicated, anxiety-provoking, ever-changing world that keeps lawyers and chief information security officers on the edge of their seats.