White Papers

Original white papers from the TAG Cyber analysts provide in-depth information and insights into how modern enterprise CISO teams can make good decisions about the best security tools, most effective security platforms, strongest enterprise security architectures, and top commercial cyber security vendors.

Simplifying the Messy World of Encryption and Key Management via APIs.

Crowdsourced Security Testing with Synack

Introducing the Human Layer Security Maturity Model

The Network at the Core of Detection and Response

Managing PC Firmware Health for Enterprise IT Cost Reduction

A Process to Implement Zero Trust Access

Requirements for Security Performance Management

Data Sharding for Back-End Cloud Security

Respond Software Launches First Responder Service

OpenText to Acquire Carbonite

Randori Announces Recon Platform Availability - 10/24/19

Identity-Based Improvement to Zero Trust

Three Generations of Automated Cyber Attacks

Evolution of the Zero Trust Model for Cyber Security

Cyber Security Framework For Autonomous Machines

The Role of Commercial End-to-End Secure Mobile Voice in Cyberspace

vArmour Technical Report

Cyberlytic Technical Report