Market Reports

TAG Cyber Security Market Reports

Enterprise security teams are asked every day to strategize on which investments to make regarding commercial cyber solutions. But the resources required to optimize this selection have not been available to date. Large analyst firms follow pay-for-play schemes, and Google search queries prioritize vendors based on their search-engine optimization (SEO) settings.

Our team of TAG Cyber analysts address this need with Fifty-Four Market Reports based on the TAG Cyber Security Controls. Born in the trenches of day-to-day enterprise security, the controls offer expert guidance on the most important aspects of protecting business assets. CISO-led teams around the world have come to rely on our security industry reports every day.

Each TAG Cyber Market Report – ranging from deception-based security, to managed security services, to threat intelligence, to digital forensics, and on and on – detailed information is provided on trending and effectiveness for the given control. In addition, detailed lists of all commercial vendors are included in each report, with sub-categorization to help differentiate.

TAG Cyber Trend Charts

Each of the fifty-four (54) control areas in the TAG Cyber Security Controls has undergone an evolution from early first-generation support, through second-generation improvements, to the current third generation support for the enterprise. Each TAG Cyber Market Report includes an original Trend Chart, showing this evolution, for the security control area covered in the report.

  • Identify key shifts from hardware-based controls to more virtualized deployment.
  • Learn how security controls have evolved from manual processes to automation.
  • Gain insight into how most centralized capabilities have become more decentralized.

TAG Cyber Roundup Charts

The selection process for commercial cyber security vendors depend on having the best possible information about the choices available. TAG Cyber Market Reports include detailed, comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date Roundup charts that give enterprise teams a thorough understanding of what vendors are available to support a given control.

  • Prioritize the best commercial security vendor options for a give control area.
  • Develop a plan to interview, review, assess, and test cyber security vendors.
  • Create a vendor roadmap for toward building a world-class security architecture.

Fifty-Four TAG Cyber Security Controls

The underlying basis for our expert industry analysis work at TAG Cyber is a so-called periodic table of cyber security controls that includes fifty-four different aspects of enterprise cyber security management that are essential to any modern information risk reduction program.