Video Highlights and a Roundtable Transcript Address Challenges for Women in Tech

Earlier this year I conducted a roundtable discussion with three successful women who work in tech about the obstacles women face in their industry. It’s called Women in Tech: Where Do We Go from Here?

Two of the women live in Toronto, the other in the D.C. area, and I live in New York. Coronavirus had begun its first assault on our countries and we were all hunkered down, working from home. The solution was obvious: I recorded a Zoom video conference.

It was a lively conversation that covered a lot of ground and included stories that vividly illustrated the issues. I found it difficult to edit the very long transcript. There was so much good material. The version we published* was not short, but it’s well worth your time (in my highly biased opinion).

We wanted to make the video available as well, but it was too long to release unedited. So I decided to create seven short highlights that introduce some of the important themes. TAG Cyber’s Miles McDonald, our video editor extraordinaire, did the hard work.

You can access the videos by clicking on the links below. (The lengths of the videos are listed next to the links.) You can download videos or simply watch any you choose. But please note that you do not need to log in or sign up to watch or download them. You just need to click and wait a few seconds.

I’ve also included a link to the edited transcript. The transcript introduces the three women at length. The videos introduce them only by name (using the same image you see above). So let me tell you a tiny bit about them.

Sandy Kemsley is a technical strategy consultant specializing in business process management and automation. Her company is called Kemsley Design Ltd. Kris Lovejoy is EY’s cybersecurity leader, overseeing the cybersecurity services and operations EY teams provide to clients across the globe. Cathy McKnight is VP of strategy and consulting with The Content Advisory, where she helps organizations transform the way they approach content and content technology.

*We first posted the edited transcript on the TAG Cyber Law Journal. We recently published it in the White Papers section of TAG Cyber as well.


When using a phone or tablet, access the clips listed below by clicking here.

For laptops and desktops, click here:

Mismatched Expectations (1:30)

Mentors and Sponsors (3:13)

Unconscious Bias (3:26)

Marginalized at Conferences (3:01)

Are Women Tougher on Other Women? (2:45)

Lessons of Working from Home (5:10)

Advice for Success (2:19)

Edited Transcript