Solidifying Email Security

Sometimes when I need a vivid phrase for describing a cyber security solution in my writing, I’ll review the advertising slogans for products that do similar things in non-computing settings. For example, if need a clever way to explain data leakage prevention (DLP), I might look at ads for roofing products. PEEL & SEAL, for example, describes their polymer film as a “membrane that can be exposed to the elements” – which is a super-creative way to describe DLP. Get the idea?

So, I recently participated in two technical sessions on email security for the enterprise with the fine team at Mimecast. During our time together, the Mimecast experts took me through the state-of-the-art in mitigating targeted email threats with attention to proper archival, business continuity, migration, desktop tools, and mobile apps – as exemplified in their fine commercial offering. I really wanted the right words to explain what I learned, so I did some research.

Now, because the Mimecast team consistently emphasized their strict attention to building the best email security solutions from the best technology by the best engineers, I thought that Mercedes-Benz ads might provide some useful phraseology for explaining the Mimecast solution approach. Sadly, however, the car manufacturer’s slogan of “The best or nothing” did not map well to cyber security, where “nothing” is a non-option. So, I continued my research.

Because the Mimecast team consistently emphasized the high net promoter scores (NPS) they receive from customers of their secure email gateway, I thought that USAA, which has NPS scores in the stratosphere, might offer some hints. Their slogan of “We know what it means to serve” did offer some guidance, because the Mimecast team does know what it means to run an enterprise. But this description still didn’t seem optimal, so I kept searching.

Because the Mimecast team consistently emphasized their archival solutions and how enterprise teams must ensure proper business continuity, I thought that Lloyds of Londonmight have a good slogan to rip. I found their motto Fidentia, which is Latin for “confidence” to be closer to a match, because the Mimecast platform does inspire a high degree of confidence, dependability and trust from their customers. But I still didn’t have that perfect description.

Since Matthew Gardiner from Mimecast was so eloquent in his explanation of how Mimecast employs multiple types of advanced cyber security analytics from dozens of threat intelligence feeds to their natively built email security platform, I thought that maybe there might be some interesting analogies from the Weather Channel (“Trust in us to be there”) and other analytic-based platforms that ingest feeds. But not much clicked here either.

Since the Mimecast team consistently emphasized their solution optimization for full-blown public cloud usage by enterprise, I thought that Amazon Web Services might be a good place to search for a catch-phrase. But I simply couldn’t find any evidence of the AWS team describing their services using any pithy advertising or marketing slogans. And I guess this provides the greatest hint for describing the Mimecast solution in the most accurate manner:

I believe that Mimecast is best described, not by marketing slogans or pithy phraseology, but rather as a solid cyber security technology company, with a solid platform, built by experienced engineers, for customers who love the product. It should be evident from my notes above that my comparisons for Mimecast are to industry leaders, so I hope my enthusiasm for their fine efforts is apparent. They seem to love what they do, and this comes out in their solution.

Do me a favor though: After you’ve called Mimecast to discuss the specifics of their world-class email security platform (which now includes Ataata security awareness solutions), let me know if you might have some fun analogy for how you’d cleverly describe their offerings. Maybe you have a good idea that I missed.

I sure do hope to hear from you.