Preface to Volume 3 of the 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual

This 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual – Volume 3, Cyber Security Handbook and Reference Guide is offered as an update to last year’s guide. It is designed to support window-shopping of our industry under the hood of a single PDF document. Yes, it has too many omissions, and random inaccuracies, and occasional typos – but tens of thousands of readers report it as an indispensable resource. My favorite analogy likens this volume to a Barron’s Guide for the Cyber Security Industry.

Liam Baglivo, Matt Amoroso, and Miles McDonald spent many hundreds and hundreds of hours going through every listing and updating contents based on mergers, acquisitions, changes in control, new offerings, and on and on. As this document goes to print, I suspect they are about as relieved to see it finished as any three researchers might allow themselves to be. And yet, they know that it is nowhere near finished by any means. We fully intend to keep it updated more frequently than last year.

To that end, we are adding more graduate research assistants to improve the completeness and accuracy of this document. Our goal is to offer a more dynamically updated PDF download that includes additional listings. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we have over two hundred companies that are still being evaluated for inclusion. I’ll bet half of them will be added in the next few weeks and months. My apologies if your company is not here. That was not our intent.

The selection criteria, by the way, is quite simple: If we deem a given company as providing a viable product or service that is mostly focused on dealing with cyber security or compliance, then we tried to include their information here. Judgment calls were necessary for companies that are clearly not in the cyber security industry, but that might include something useful to our community. It was subjective, and probably wrong on many occasions.

If you would like your company to be considered for inclusion in our report, go ahead and drop us a note in the contact tab on our website at We will give you a look, and then add hopefully you to the list. In many cases, we will also try to get in touch with you to make sure we are interpreting things properly.

(All three 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual volumes are available now for free PDF download at )