Preface to 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual - Volume 2

To the Reader:

Interviewing the cyber security luminaries included in this 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual was a thrill for me on par with what a political scientist might experience interviewing world leaders. My hope is that the pure joy of learning afforded by these capable and successful cyber security experts comes through in the narrative and transcripts. As any interviewer will attest, the goal is for you the reader to feel like you were seated right there during the interview, learning from the insights and views of these fine security experts.

As is always the case with our work at TAG Cyber, we humbly reached out directly to these experts hoping they would be willing to share. We are not a massive company with analysts in every corner of the globe; rather, we are a small start-up working round the clock trying harder than the other guys to bring the best cyber security analysis to enterprise teams. This volume of interviews is hopefully evidence of our sincere pursuit. We stopped counting the number of hours that went into its production.

Editing down the interviews this year was harder than in our previous year, perhaps for no reason other than our subjects seemed more comfortable with what we are doing at TAG Cyber. Last year, I noticed slight reservation at times that we might quote-out-of-context or highlight-the-controversial-stuff in our interviews. Now that our focus on sincere learning is more obvious, and we’ve built up some reputational trust, our interview subjects were more relaxed. Everyone seemed to talk more this year.

Our advice on using this volume is simple: You can read it from start to finish, but recognize that the order is reverse-alphabetical (nice going, ZeroFox) for no reason other than convenience and fairness to last year’s non-reverse-alphabetical approach (nice going, Agari). Maybe next year, we’ll do a random scatter. As an alternative to the usual start to finish, perhaps you might use it as a reference guide on your virtual e-shelf to augment your understanding of a given area or vendor.

Regardless of how you use the volume, we are honored that you are spending time with our materials. Every word of every sentence of every page was written with one goal: To be of sincere assistance to the women and men who protect our world’s systems and infrastructure from cyber attack. These folks are the unsung heroes of the technology revolution, and without them, our lives would be a pile of chaos. If you have any of these cyber defenders working for you, then please give them a raise.

I hope you all enjoy and learn from this volume.

Dr. Edward G. Amoroso