One Day of Intense Cyber Security Training in Soho

I’ve been convinced for some time now that good enterprise cyber security teams know how to work with their auditors. I’m also convinced that great enterprise cyber security teams enjoy mischievously removing the word ‘with’ from the previous sentence. (Go ahead and do it – I’ll wait.)

To that end, I’ve made it my personal policy to support the audit community as they improve their cyber security skills. Many auditors, as we all know, have professional backgrounds that are impressive, but not always rooted in the technical issues that underpin cyber security risk. So they need our assistance.

And so, I’ve partnered with ISACA, which is a non-profit, independent association focused on governance, audit, and control of information systems, to offer a one-day intensive cyber security course on March 23, 2017. The course is based roughly on the lectures I give to graduate and undergraduate computer science majors at Stevens and NYU.

The one-day session will be held in the lovely Soho section of New York City at The Lofts at Prince (see picture above). The weather should be improving by late March, so let’s hope it will be a nice day. Soho is such a wonderful place to stroll after you learn about threat modeling, authentication protocol analysis, distributed firewall design, and the like.

The raw link is shown below for your registration. Students pay $150, ISACA members pay $200, and non-members pay $300 (but you can join ISACA to improve this equation.) Your fees help ISACA plan additional events for the community.

I hope to see many of you at the event!