Egress Adds Powerful Anti-Phishing Tool Through Aquilai Acquisition

June 2, 2021 (London): Today, Egress announced the acquisition of UK-based Aquilai, a commercial security solution vendor that supports anti-phishing through use of machine learning and natural language processing to prevent targeted email attacks. The new combined entity will integrate Aquilai into the Egress platform, which uses human layer security to address email security threats.

The cybersecurity industry is increasingly finding new applications for artificial intelligence (AI), and email has emerged as a particularly well-suited area. AI-based processing algorithms work by learning to recognize patterns of potential vulnerability or on-going attack so as to enable defensive actions that can reduce or even prevent threat consequence.

“We believe the combination of Egress and Aquilai will allow us to address insider risk from the perspective of both inbound and outbound email threats,” explained Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress. “This more comprehensive coverage will help our customers deal with increased volume and enhanced sophistication of attacks such as phishing.”

Also announced today is the launch of Egress Defend which will incorporate the new Aquilai capability. This new solution complements Egress Prevent, which focuses on outbound email data loss, and Egress Protect, which supports the end-to-end encryption of employee emails, and Egress Respond, which helps to quantify risk for compliance.

From a TAG Cyber analyst perspective, we are pleased to see additional consolidation of commercial email security vendors. Enterprise teams always benefit from more integrated solution offerings, and the introduction of Egress Defend will provide users with strong bi-directional inbound/outbound protection in one unified platform.

Buyers interested in this new capability should contact Egress directly via their website at The TAG Cyber team will continue to review deployment and use of the combined offer and will share detailed insights to customers through TAG Cyber research portal subscriptions, available for licensing at

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