Eclypsium Improves Device Visibility

Eclypsium Improves Device Visibility

May 18, 2021 (New York): Today, Eclypsium announced extensions to its device integrity platform with emphasis on improving visibility into unmanaged and network devices. The basis for such extension is the observation that many existing devices cannot be managed in the conventional manner using security agents.

Additional justification for the security enhancement is that according to Eclypsium (and based on a Microsoft study) over 80% of businesses have has a firmware attack in the past year. DHS CISA and the FBI have apparently taken notice, and security teams are faced with the challenge of addressing this accelerating risk.

“Our new device assessment capabilities are intended to provide and accurate inventory for security and IT teams,” explained Yuriy Bulygin, CEO of Eclypsium. “This allows for deeper analysis, better differentiation of devices, and a converged view of risk supported on a common dashboard.”

The Eclypsium technology works via a distributed approach that does not rely on agents, and that includes attention to remote assets. Automatic identification of devices helps provide accurate posture, and firmware is analyzed to identify any indicators of potential security compromise.

From a TAG Cyber analyst perspective, we agree that device risk, especially unmanaged devices, has gradually moved from a niche concern to a primary one. Roughly 50% of the enterprise engagements we’ve supported in the past two years have shown this risk increasing in the CISO’s priority list. We expect this trend to continue.

Buyers interested in this new capability should contact Eclypsium directly via their website at The TAG Cyber team will continue to review the offer and will share detailed insights to customers through their research subscriptions, available for licensing at at