Crypto Quantique Announces New Investment

Today, London-based Crypto Quantique announced an $8M round of seed investment led by ADV. The new capital will help the cyber security company continue to develop its groundbreaking key management technology for end-to-end protection of Internet of Things (IoT) devices from cyber threats.

Crypto Quantique offers a unique so-called quantum-driven secure chip design that ensures optimal key management from the silicon level for devices, through their deployment and management in cloud infrastructure, and up to their role in user-level applications. The company provides a cloud-based platform to orchestrate the key management, and has developed valuable intellectual property to support such functionality.

“We believe that it is now imperative that every IoT device in the emerging new Internet ecosystem have the obligation to properly prove its identity,” explained Shahram Mossayebi, Founder and CEO of the Company. “Our technology supports this goal through implementation on physical devices, and through deployment and use of our cloud-based platform for world-class operations. We believe this technology will help achieve true end-to-end IoT security.”

One of the more impressive aspects of the Crypto Quantique solution is the un-clonability of their technology. That is, the advanced methods used in the development of their patented cryptographic solution, including use of quantum physical properties, should make the underlying key infrastructure for their customers immune to the most obvious types of cyber-attacks one encounters in practical settings.

From an analyst perspective, it is encouraging to see funding support for such a meaningful security objective. The IoT landscape will be the next big threat to global infrastructure, and fixing weak key management should be a prime objective. The biggest challenge for Crypto Quantique will involve driving security demand, but this should be eased by the cost savings hardware manufacturers and cloud providers will experience from the technology.

“We are excited that this new funding round will enable us to present our technology to the entire pipeline of players in the end-to-end equation,” explained Kumi Thiruchelvam, Co-Founder and CCO of the Company. “We know that our technology works, so the next step is getting it deployed into the proper places.” I think it will be interesting and exciting to see how this all rolls out for Crypto Quantique. Watch here for news as they continue to make progress.

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