Charlie Ciso 0

/* In a nod to Prof. Edsger Dijkstra, we will enumerate Charlie Ciso cartoons from 0, just as he would have demanded. And in a nod to Prof. Donald Knuth, who introduced us all to the concept of literate programming, we will annotate our cartoons as comments embedded in correct Java source code. I believe this might be the first executable cartoon strip ever produced.

The idea for strip zero comes from every senior manager or board member who ever had zero clue about your technical presentation. In other words: Every senior manager and board member. The manager’s suggestion in Charlie Ciso 0 to use a cartoon is fine, but only if the cartoon is high quality and part of a list that starts with zero. Embedding a cartoon that will successfully generate Java byte code is a huge plus.

Happy cutting and pasting. */

public class A{public static void main(String[] a){}}