2021 TAG Cyber Security Annual Report

Insights, Perspectives, and Commentary on Cyber Risks, Security Safeguards, and Technology Innovations

Outlook for Fifty-Four TAG Cyber Controls

Since 2016, our TAG Cyber Security Controls have been used by business and government practitioners, as well cyber security vendors of all sizes and shapes, to bring structure to their important work. The controls are designed help cyber professional make sense of the many different types of protections required to prevent, detect, or mitigate cyber threats.

Interviews with Industry Experts

The original interviews in the 2021 Security Annual are selected and curated by the TAG Cyber analysts based on key trends and observation on the industry. In these interviews, iconic experts provide stark and honest commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of our industry, including predictions on technology and threats.

Articles: Insights on Cyber Security

The 2021 Security Annual includes the best of published pieces from our analysts, including articles on government, business, technology, academia, and industry – all in the context of modern enterprise cyber security. All our articles are unbiased and honest – so expect to find some advice and observations that might not match the mainstream.

Analyst Reports

The 2021 Security Annual includes many of our best analyst reports written by our experts based on their day-to-day interactions with practitioners and technology providers. These reports are designed specifically to provide insight to working experts in their decisions about cyber security platforms, tools, and architecture.