In 2017, TAG Cyber was just one person – Ed Amoroso. Now our team is growing, and we continue to add experts to support our customers. And our objective remains: To democratize world-class cyber security industry research and analysis. We do this through our industry market reports, social media content, technical articles, entertaining videos, talk and interview shows, career support tools, and Charlie Ciso cartoons. Join us on our mission!


Ed Amoroso

Dr. Ed Amoroso is currently Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber LLC, a global cyber security advisory, training, consulting, and media services company supporting hundreds of companies across the world. Ed recently retired from AT&T after thirty-one years of service.

Stan Quintana

Stan Quintana joins TAG Cyber as Executive Vice President of Business Development following his retirement from AT&T after forty-five years of service. He is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry.

Andy McCool

Andy McCool is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of experience and a passion for driving business transformations through the use of technology. AT TAG Cyber, Andy supports a variety of consulting engagements related to cyber security metrics and support for the US Government.

Pete Cornell

Mr. Peter S. Cornell joined TAG Cyber as Executive Vice President of Operations following his nearly forty-year career at AT&T and Google. Pete is an expert in computer network operations, cyber security threats, and network design and planning. 

Suzanne Mitchell

Suzanne Mitchell has directed and produced documentary films, television series, web and social media programming. Her projects have garnered two Emmys, two Gracie Awards, an Omni Intermedia Award, and a Cine Golden Eagle. Suzanne currently produces TAG Cyber's original news program 'The Edge'. 

Shawn Hopkins

Shawn Hopkins joins TAG Cyber as Executive Vice President of Cyber Services co-leading the Cyber Corps cyber security scanning, compliance, awareness, and analysis for small businesses. Shawn has many years experience as an IT and security executive.  

Matt Amoroso

Matt holds the BS degree in Computer Science from Lehigh University. He is currently pursuing the MS degree in Computer Science at New York University. Matt supports TAG Cyber's managed security services, coordinates the Cyber Corps architecture, and manages TAG Cyber's infrastructure.

Liam Baglivo

Liam Baglivo is currently Chief of Staff at TAG Cyber LLC. Liam joined the team as a Member of Technical Staff after receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Liam plans and manages TAG Cyber's day-to-day business operations.

Miles McDonald

Miles holds the BS degree in Physics from Syracuse University. Before coming to TAG Cyber, he cofounded mtwoteaching, a start-up that created specialized interactive courses in technology. Miles is in charge of all TAG Cyber video operations, planning, editing, and deployment.

Laura Fanelli

Laura is currently studying Film and Theater in New York City while actively pursuing acting, writing, and filmmaking. Laura currently stars in TAG Cyber's popular The Daily SOC, a lively program designed to entertain and inform viewers on cyber security topics.

Rich Powell

Rich Powell is an award-winning artist and illustrator currently living in central North Carolina. Rich works with Ed Amoroso on the popular Charlie Ciso comic, and also supports TAG Cyber Security Awareness projects. His illustration work also appears regularly in MAD Magazine and Highlights For Children.

Felix Andersen

Felix Andersen is currently an undergraduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology studying Quantitative Finance. Felix supports a variety of technical and marketing programs at TAG Cyber, including managing the customer outreach program.

Kelly McCool

Kelly McCool serves as a Cyber Corps worker at TAG Cyber. Kelly also supports TAG Cyber's video initiatives as an editor, supporting graphics and design for TAG Cyber's interview series with cyber security industry icons.

Luke Fischer

Luke Fischer is a current undergrad at the University of Virginia majoring in Global Security and Justice with a minor in Spanish. Luke provides support at TAG Cyber for all video initiatives, including support for security executive interviews.

Sophie Knight

Sophie Knight serves as a research assistant at TAG Cyber, where she is in charge of selection, planning, deployment, training, and operation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for all of TAG Cyber's interactions with its clients.

Alicia Amoroso

Alicia Amoroso currently serves as a design associate leading the production of the 2020 TAG Cyber Security Annual. Her work requires in-depth Adobe InDesign skills, and the ability to translate complex technical reports into world-class graphics.