About Us

TAG Cyber serves the global cybersecurity industry, including enterprise teams and commercial vendors. We do so through a revolutionary new approach to professional research and advisory. We employ only experienced experts, mostly former CISOs, as our analysts. We are available to customers on a 24/7 basis through an on-line portal. And we focus on addressing your specific challenges.

Our TAG Infosphere Executive Team

Our TAG Cyber team combines decades of practical experience with a commitment to serve customers. We support enterprise teams through our 24/7 Research as a Service (RaaS) and commercial vendors through our expert Content as a Service (CaaS) offering.

Ed Amoroso

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Dr. Jennifer Bayuk

Head of Consulting

Chris Wilder

Senior Analyst

Andy McCool

Head of Cyber Security Analytics

David Neuman

Advisor and Senior Analyst

John Masserini

Senior Research Analyst

Shawn Hopkins

Head of TAG Data Research

Stan Quintana

Senior Consultant

Rick Friedel

Chief Revenue Officer

Trish Vatis

VP Customer Support and CISO Relationships

Laurie Mushinsky

Customer Success Director

Matt Amoroso

Chief Technology Officer

Liam Baglivo

Chief of Staff

Lester Goodman

Director of Content

Michael McKenna

Vice President of Sales

Dork Sahagian

Senior Analyst for TAG Climate

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January 26th, 2023: Quarter 1 Report Released!