About Us

TAG Cyber serves the global cybersecurity industry, including enterprise teams and commercial vendors. We do so through a revolutionary new approach to professional research and advisory. We employ only experienced experts, mostly former CISOs, as our analysts. We are available to customers on a 24/7 basis through an on-line portal. And we focus on addressing your specific challenges.

TAG Cyber Management Team

Our TAG Cyber team combines decades of practical experience with a commitment to serve customers. We support enterprise teams through our 24/7 Research as a Service (RaaS) and commercial vendors through our expert Content as a Service (CaaS) offering.

  • Ed Amoroso

    Chief Executive Officer, Founder

    Dr. Ed Amoroso is CEO of TAG Cyber. An NYU professor and former AT&T executive, Ed started TAG Cyber in 2016 to democratize research and advisory services and unleash his inner entrepreneur. Business Insider tapped him as one of the country’s 50 leaders “who helped lead the cyber security industry."

  • Dr. Jennifer Bayuk

    Head of Consulting

    Dr. Jennifer Bayuk is a Quinnipiac University professor, former Wall Street CISO, and lead for TAG Cyber's consulting business. She also heads up FrameCyber, which offers a world-class GRC platform that powers TAG Cyber's portfolio management solution for enterprise.

  • Chris Wilder

    Senior Analyst

    Chris Wilder serves as Research Director and Senior Analyst at TAG Cyber. He has over 25 years of cybersecurity, networking, and telecom experience including time spent in the US Navy supporting intelligence operations.

  • Andy McCool

    Head of Cyber Security Analytics

    Andy McCool is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of experience and a passion for driving business transformations through the use of technology. At TAG Cyber, Andy supports a variety of consulting engagements related to cyber security metrics and support for the US Government.

  • Gary McAlum

    Advisor and Senior Analyst

    Gary McAlum serves as Advisor and Senior Analyst at TAG Cyber. His impressive background includes many years of military and corporate service in security, privacy, and related areas. Gary is a former SVP/CSO for a major corporation and is active in the cybersecurity community on various boards and councils.

  • John Masserini

    Senior Research Analyst

    John Masserini serves as Senior Research Analyst at TAG Cyber. He is an industry veteran and former three-time CISO for major corporations. John is active on executive boards, and is a sought after speaker at industry conferences.

  • Shawn Hopkins

    Head of TAG Data Research

    Shawn Hopkins serves as Head of TAG Data Research, supporting the largest database of commercial cybersecurity vendors in the world. An industry veteran with over thirty years in government as a CTO, Shawn works on a daily basis with TAG Cyber's enterprise clients.

  • Stan Quintana

    Senior Consultant

    Stan Quintana is an experienced executive with over four decades of experience in cybersecurity, business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), and business services at AT&T. Stan supports major TAG Cyber consulting initiatives.

  • Rick Friedel

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Rick is the Chief Revenue Officer at TAG Cyber. He brings more than three decades of experience in sales, operations, and customer relationship management, having worked with Fortune 5000 customers in highly competitive markets. After a successful career with AT&T, Rick joined TAG Cyber to work with a renewed sense of purpose, drive business growth, and help TAG Cyber’s customers achieve their goals.

  • Trish Vatis

    VP of Advisory and Content Sales

    For the past 10 years Trish has helped CISOs and Cyber Security Solution Providers work towards solving today’s most challenging corporate problems through C-Level collaboration and information sharing. She loves to connect people and companies making the world a better place. She also is passionate about sustainability, and grows her own fruits and vegetables at home in Fairfield CT.

  • Laurie Mushinsky

    Customer Success Director

    Laurie is the Customer Success Director at TAG Cyber. A former AT&T Director of both Sales and Service, Laurie joined the TAG Cyber team to expand the Customer Success Program. She is known for passionately providing an exceptional experience to the customers she serves. Laurie resides in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughter, is active with several local charities, serves on the board of the Civic Light Opera, and enjoys fitness boxing.

  • Matt Amoroso

    Chief Technology Officer

    Matt runs the infrastructure and development team for TAG Cyber. He holds the M.S. in Computer Science from NYU and was a co-founding member of TAG Cyber in 2017. He is a two-time speaker at Defcon r00tz Asylum, a published author, and an avid chess player.

  • Liam Baglivo

    Chief of Staff

    Liam Baglivo is the Chief of Staff at TAG Cyber. Liam joined the team as a Member of Technical Staff after receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. As Chief of Staff his focus is on operations, sales, events, and public relations. In his free time, Liam enjoys traveling, playing Xbox, and supporting Liverpool FC.

  • Lester Goodman

    Director of Content

    Lester Goodman serves as Director of Content at TAG Cyber. He has extensive experience in the development, launch and operations of significant media properties. His combination of creative and communication skills produce unique, targeted content in multiple forms resulting in strong individual media pieces that are part of a cohesive whole.

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July 13th, 2022: Quarter 3 Report Released!